My wife and I had agreed to help our daughter clean the grout lines on the tile floor in her new townhome. The grout was dark from what appeared to have been years of neglect. The thought of being on my knees scrubbing the grout lines with a brush with 3000 sf of tile was not something that appealed to me. Anyone who has cleaned grout before knows what I’m talking about. We became aware of a product called Grout Groovy™ This product looked like the perfect solution and thought it was worth trying. When the product arrived, assembly was a breeze. The unit is lightweight and powerful.



OMG..where were you all my life? Easy to use even or a 74 year old), and the grout never looked better.



I was frustrated with getting my my hands & knees to get the grout lightly clean. As someone said "you need the right
equipment to get the job done. This fit the bill and my knee's are happy too.



What a great grout cleaning machine, easy to assemble easy to operate what a time saver


Thank you so very much for your kindness. It’s very refreshing to deal with a company that makes a great product and cares about their customers. You have won the best company award for the month from us.

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