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The Grout Groovy Story

In 2014 we began working on a better way to clean tile grout in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and around the home.  4 years and several brush designs later, we finally came up with a way to clean all types of tile grout using “Vertical Cleaning Technology”, like flossing your teeth and without getting on your hands and knees.  Just use your favorite liquid grout cleaner to lubricate and let Grout Groovy remove dirt from the grout lines.  Grout Groovy replaces grout brushes, drill brushes, steamers, and other products that are less efficient and laborious to use.  Owning a Grout Groovy costs less than commercial cleaning services and is lightweight and safe to use.

After years of trying to clean tile grout in our home, if we wanted to do it ourselves, we had to buy toxic-chemical cleaners and use a hand brush with gloves and wear breathing devices because of the fumes.  The other option was to hire an expensive commercial cleaning service.  Calling around we found the average cost for our size home and amount of tile would cost between $350 and $450 each time.  The cleaning companies recommended cleaning at least once a year.  We felt there should be a better way to clean dirty tile grout.  With millions of homes in the US who have floor tile and research showing that carpeted floors are being replaced with a lot of tile it seemed like the future potential for a new and improved way to clean tile grout would be a good product and cost-effective for consumers.


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The Grout Groovy® grout cleaning machine replaces uncomfortable scrubbing on your hands and knees.

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