Cleaning your tile grout typically means an aching back and knees or hundreds of dollars out of your pocket.

Grout Cleaning SolutionNow, it doesn’t have to! Introducing The Original Grout Groovy™! The Grout Groovy™ is the first lightweight, electric grout cleaning machine of its kind in the US. Its revolutionary nylon brush agitates dirt away from the grout surface, unlike other machines which push dirt further into grout lines. The Grout Groovy™ can be used with any household cleaner, including natural and DIY solutions — there’s no need for harsh chemicals!

The best part: no manual scrubbing required! The Grout Groovy™ weighs less than 4 pounds. Simply apply your favorite cleaning solution to your grout lines, pull the trigger, and gently guide the Grout Groovy™ back and forth along grout. No extra force is required — the Grout Groovy™ will glide effortlessly in thin or wide tile grout lines, leaving them looking like new! Wipe up the excess liquid and dirt and see your tile grout shine.


Before and After Grout Cleaner 1

What would normally take days only takes a couple of hours with the Grout Groovy™! What are you waiting for? Try The Original Grout Groovy™ today!