Grout Groovy™ Super Concentrate Cleaning Solution Makes 1 Gallon!

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Mix with water and makes up to 1 gallon.

Powder, concentrated grout cleaner that you mix with water for removing dirt from tile grout. Makes 1 gallon when mixed with water. Follow directions and safety instructions found on bottle

*Removes Built Up Dirt*Brightens


Gloves and protective eye wear recommended.

Directions:Add 4 oz to 1 gal hot water.Mix

until dissolved.Apply liberally to floor and

let soak for 15 minutes.Use Grout Groovy™.

Rinse with water and dry.

Net Weight:4 oz (113 gr)

WARNING: Injurious to eyes.Harmful if swallowed.

See back label for additional precautions.

Grout Groovy Super Concentrate Grout Cleaner


WARNING: Injurious to eyes.Harmful if swallowed.

Contains sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate.

Avoid powder or solution contact with eyes or prolonged contact with skin.

IF EYE CONTACT: Flush with water for 15 minutes.

IF SWALLOWED: Drink a glass of water.Do not induce vomiting.

IF SKIN CONTACT: Flush with water.

Contact physician if irritation persists.

Do not mix with ammonia, bleach or other cleaning products

products. Do not store mixed solution for more than 5 hours.

30-day money back guarantee - 1 Year manufacturer's warranty

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