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The Grout Groovy® outdoor paver wheel is specifically designed to be used on patio pavers, in-between the pavers, to remove mold, weeds and debris driveways and sidewalks to help remove weeds and debris from the expansion joints and gaps between pavers.  Follow the installation instructions found in the Grout Groovy® user manual that came with the original machine or find the user guide on our website; www.GroutGroovy®.com.   Use the paver wheel in dry conditions.  It’s not necessary to use water, soap or chemicals while cleaning debris.  The outdoor paver brush will last a long time because it’s made of durable materials.

Do not use the outdoor paver brush on tile floors because it may harm the tile finish.  It is specifically designed for outdoor cement surfaces.  When finished cleaning outdoors, remove the outdoor brush and install the indoor brush for cleaning indoor tile floors.