This brush is designed for Grout Groovy machines purchased AFTER January, 2020. If you own a Grout Groovy machine from before January, 2020, please use the brush featured here

Grout Groovy’s® indoor brush wheel is designed to clean grout on ceramic and porcelain tile floors.  Remove the worn brush with the tools provided in the original Grout Groovy® package and follow the installation instructions found in the Grout Groovy® user manual that came with the original machine or find the user guide on our website; www.GroutGroovy®.com.  We recommend changing the old brush once the nylon bristles get to be about ¼” long.  Letting the brush go too long without changing could cause damage to floors or to the machine, caused by the brush hub hitting the floor.  A new brush should last for an average of 500 square feet of tile MOL.

The unique nylon brush can only be used with the Grout Groovy® shaft design and should not be used for any other purpose.

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